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Year 1 and 2 Core Curriculum



Developing children's language skills is the key in all learning.  We aim for the children to be confident and able o communicate clearly and effectively in the spoken and written word.  We encourage a love of books and encourage children to read with fluency and understanding.  Children are encouraged to take books home, we hope that parents will help their children develop their reading skills by hearing them read regularly.  We teach phonics through a structured programme including handwriting and spelling.  These skills are practised and used in all aspects of the curriculum.


Children will be taugh to use mathematics in all areas of life.  Maths is taught to be purposeful and meaningful through the teaching of mathematical skills and knowledge.  The numeracy framework provides the structure for developing mathematical knowledge and skills and encourages the ability to apply them to everyday mathematical problems.


This is taught as part of the curriculum.  The school as adopted the Hampshire syllabus which is non-denominational but broadly Christian in culture.  The main focus is Christianity.


Science is taught using a topic based approach to the curriculum. When planning teaching and learning opportunities we seek to fulfil the aims above.  Through our teaching of science, we enable the children to develop ways of finding out things for themselves through exploration and enquiry. We aim to develop children’s understanding of the world through practical investigations, allowing the children to develop their skills of observation, prediction and explanation of their findings. Aspects of the science curriculum are encompassed in many other curriculum areas, with direct links to ICT. Due to the practical nature of science curriculum we ensure the children work safely. We use the current Safety in Science document.


At Talavera Infant School we recognise that Information and Communication Technology is important in today’s world. ICT is an integral part of teaching and learning for children. We believe teaching children in ICT will prepare the children to participate in an ever changing world of technology.