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Talavera Infant School

School improvement


The overall aim of this School Improvement Plan is to raise standards in attainment for all pupils.

Area 1

To improve leadership and management of the school

 To develop the new senior management (HT,DH YG leaders) and leadership teams (HT+DH)

 To further develop middle leaders

 To develop governance

Area 2 To improve the quality of teaching, learning and assessment

 To improve teaching skills

 Improve teaching of the new curriculum for mathematics.

 Improve teaching of the new curriculum for writing.

 Improve teaching of new curriculum in science.

 Introduce and implement assessment procedure across Key Stage 1.

Area 3

To further develop personal development, behaviour and welfare.

 To improve learning behaviours.

 Reduce persistent absentees and poor punctuality.

 To identify and promote British values in the school.

Area 4

Raise achievement of pupils in the school.

 Design assessment procedure to track progress and attainment in line with the new curriculum.

 Introduce baseline assessment in Year R.

 Improve standard of writing for FSM pupils

 To increase percentage of pupils achieving GLD.