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WOW day and Outcome

Fasten your seatbelts and be prepared for a fun ride 

WOW what a fun day we had.

Today we became air stewards and stewardesses.

We spent our morning creating luxurious food for those who would be taking flight with Talavera Airways later in the day.

Passengers were given the choice of Jam or Cheese sandwiches (childrens choice) followed by an amazing fruit kebab (grape, pineapple, orange and pear). Everything was prepared and made by the children, who all enjoyed the opportunity to create a masterpiece of their own. There was great discussion as to which way was the best way to cut our sandwiches (you decide triangles or squares).

Children also became proud owners of their very own airlines, creating wonderful company names and logos. They also had the opportunity to create their own livery for the planes.


In the afternoon we were surprised by an invite to fly with Samuel Cody. Children had to decide whether or not they wanted to take flight with Samuel Cody on his first designed plane, and give reasons behind their thoughts.


Finally we were joined by the new passengers (parents and guardians) for the inugral flight of Talavera Airways, where our luxury meals went down a storm.


We finished the day with a sing song and landed with a bump back into school.


We hope the chidlren have enjoyed this topic and are looking forward to our new topic SUPERHEROES