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Year 2 trip to the F.A.S.T museum

A fun morning had by all

What an exciting morning we had.

Today we went and visited the F.A.S.T museum in Farnborough.

We spent the first part of our trip learning about the life and times of Samuel Franklin Cody. We found out about how he was Cowboy in America and then travelled over to the UK with his cowboy show to show off his skills.

We then learnt about how he became the first person in the UK to fly, with this happening just up the road from school in Farnborough.

We amazed Peter and Graham with our knowledge of Samuel Cody and the how he became the first person to fly in the UK.

We then got taken on a tour of the museum and looked at the different planes that they had around the museum, and how technology had changed from the very first plane to now.


We had a wonderful time and can’t wait to use the knowledge we have learnt in History later in this term.