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Year 2 Trip to Wellsley Woods

If you went down to the woods today.... you were going to find Saturn and Neptune hugging a tree.

What a great morning Saturn and Neptune Class had visiting Wellsley Woods.

We started off with a brisk walk down to the woods, taking in the sites of Aldershot and getting all excited seeing Tesco and wondering what we could have for tea.

When we arrived at the woods, we met Stuart and Laura who were our guides for the morning. We began the session learning about the difference between our Woods and the Rainforest. We learnt that none of our trees will ever be as tall as the rainforest, and that we were very unlikely to find any rainforest animals in our woods.


We then ventured into the woods, where we began to learn about the trees themselves. One of the trees in the woods is 180years old and it took 20 children to wrap themselves around them.