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Lady of the Lamp WOW day

Florence Nightingale WOW day Thursday 9th November

WOW what a day we had in Year 2.

We spent the day doing different activities based around ‘Florence Nightingale: The Lady of the Lamp’.

Each classroom had been transformed into an activity based upon Florence Nightingale.

Each class visited the other Year 2 classrooms so that everyone could do every activity.

In Neptune Class we worked on creating some collages to look like Florence Nightingale. We used different coloured cards and materials to go over the faces of Florence. They all turned out really well and we think that Florence Nightingale would have been very proud of her new portraits.

In Uranus class the children spent the day making lamps. Obviously it was very important for Florence to have a lamp, otherwise she would have made many mistakes whilst tending to the wounded. We looked at the style of lamp that Florence used, and understood why she used this instead of just switching the lights on (apparently they didn’t have electricity in the Scutari Hospital in the 1800s).

In Pluto class, we all became doctors and were tasked with creating a wonderful magical medicine that we thought could help the wounded. We used lots of different ingredients and by the end of the session, it felt like we were all ‘George’ from ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’. Here are some images of us having fun making our medicines.

In Saturn class, we entered the horrible world of Scutari Hospital. We began the session working in the environment of the hospital before Florence arrived. We took it in turns being Soldiers and Nurses. Sadly though, due to conditions in the hospital we lost some of our patients to infections and dirty wounds