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Autumn 1 - Fiji

Take a look and see what Year 2 have been up to this half term.

It has been a very busy term for us here in Year 2. We have been busy exploring Fiji and learning lots about island life.

We began the term with our WOW day, where we boarded an early flight to Fiji and spent our day becoming artists, scientists and sport stars. Each class took part in different activities throughout the day, creating clay pots and flower leis, making volcanoes and watching them explode, and being taught the basics of Fiji's national sport Rugby.

In Literacy this half term we have worked really hard. We have learnt all about expanded noun phrases, verbs and adverbs. We have created a story about the love between 2 volcanoes, using the expanded noun phrases to make our writing as interesting as we can for the reader. As part of our Literacy, we became investigators and carried out research on volcanoes. Doing this we learnt lots of fun facts about Volcanoes (Did you know that the largest volcano is found on Mars?) and explored how to use question marks. To finish this term's writing we have explored how to use verbs and adverbs and have then used these skills to create wonderful poems all about Fijian water and island life.

As if we haven't worked hard enough in Literacy, we have been equally busy in Numeracy. We began the term exploring missing numbers, and looking at 2 digit numbers and talking about what made these numbers (who knew that there were Tens and Ones in every number?). We all then had great fun pretending to be crocodiles and learning about greater and fewer numbers and using the correct symbols in a problem (> <). We have also been busy exploring the number facts and bonds for all numbers to 20 and have been recording our findings in different ways. We looked closely at each number and used numicon and counters to help us solve the different addition sentences. We have been busy counting in 2s, 5s and 10s and have used this knowledge to help us solve different problems using the language 'groups of' and 'multiplication'. We have finished this term exploring odd and even numbers and have looked at different 2D and 3D shapes.

In our afternoons we have been exploring Fiji, the lifestyle and its physical and human features. We have also learnt about the different creation stories involved with Christianity and Hinduism. In science we have been exploring the life-cycles of animals and learning about the names of their young. In music we have been learning a song called 'Kana Mada' and have been practising the song alongside using instruments to explore long and short sounds. In PE this half term we have all been learning the Haka. Each of us has had to learn the routine alongside using expression and sound to scare our opponents.

We have thoroughly enjoyed learning about the Fijian world, and are looking forward to next term when we are going to be learning about 'Florence Nightingale: The Lady of the Lamp'.