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Learning In Spring 2

This half term our topic has been Flight! The children have written stories and letters about flight, visited  the Farnborough Air Museum and learnt a lot of local history about Samuel Cody! Click below to find out more.

Wellesley Woods Trip

At the end of the first half of the Spring Term, the children had the opportunity to go to Wellesley woods and learn about the similarities and differences between woodlands and rainforests. They went on a guided tour of the woods and learnt about different trees and the animals that live amongst them.


FAST Museum Trip

This half term the children went to the Farnborough Air Sciences Trust Museum to see a life sized replica of Samuel Cody’s first aeroplane and to learn about propeller and jet aeroplanes. The children were very knowledgeable about Samuel Cody and joined in enthusiastically with the talk by one of the guides at the museum.



In Literacy, we have been learning about different types of sentences:

  • Exclamations

  • Statements

  • Questions

  • Commands

The children have been using these sentence types in a variety of long writing opportunities. They have written a letter about a visiting flying alien, a story about a flying animal, and an information leaflet about Samuel Cody. Ask your child what the sentence types are!

​ ​Maths

In maths lessons we have been learning how to solve division and multiplication problems using written methods. The children have also worked hard to solve mixed word problems which require them to decide which skill to use, and then complete the task independently. Earlier in the half term the children also learnt how to read the time to the nearest quarter hour.


In science we have been learning about plants and what they need to survive. The children have conducted 2 investigations. The first investigation was to find out what a plant needed the least (water, air, soil or light) by taking away each of these criteria and evaluating the impact. The second investigation was to find out if plants needed water, or if any other liquid would work. The children had great fun finding out if cola or soap would help plants to germinate.


In RE we have been learning about welcoming people, both into our classroom and our lives, and how people welcome others into religious communities. We thought about the story of Palm Sunday when people welcomed Jesus with palm leaves. The children wrote a class book about what the word ‘welcoming’ means to them.


Our History topic this half term has been all about Flight, and more specifically about Samuel Cody. The children have learnt a great deal about this Iowa-born cowboy, who left America and worked for the British Army producing man lifting kites and, later, British Army Aeroplane Number 1a. Ask your child what they know about Samuel Cody, and what they learnt about him on our school trip.


This half term the children learnt about internet safety and how to be careful on the computer. They learnt that personal information is private, they must be kind online as they would be on the playground, that people online are strangers and that they should talk to an adult they trust if they have concerns. The children also practised their word processing skills by producing a leaflet about online safety, and they practised online safety by using a children’s search engine to research flight and other topics.


In music, the children began to discover how music can be used in advertising by creating their own Talavera Airways jingle.


In PSHE the children have been learning what different feelings words mean, such as ‘disgusted’ and ‘delighted’. They have talked about examples of times when they have had different feelings, what caused these feelings, and how they dealt with them.

We also thought about one of our community core values – Respect – by learning from Rupert Respect that:

R – We should Respect everyone

E – Everybody is different

S – Same (nobody is the same)

P – Perfect (nobody is perfect)

E – Every day (we must respect others every day)

C – Care (we care about others)

T – Talavera (at our school we respect everyone)

Design Technology

In DT lessons the children learnt about healthy eating and the 5 food groups. They planned and created a healthy aeroplane meal including a healthy sandwich and fruit kebab, which they then enjoyed at our Wow Day picnic.