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Learning in Spring 1

In the first half of the Spring Term we have been learning all about the Rainforest! Our Rainforest topic has linked to all of our subject areas. Have a look at some of what we have been learning…

Visit from Zoo-Lab

The children had the opportunity to gain first-hand experience of real rainforest animals when Zoo-Lab visited our school! They had the chance to hold a variety of creatures, including a snake, different lizard species, a giant snail and a huge rat! They also saw a scorpion from a safe distance. The children were very motivated by the visit, and used what they had learnt in their Literacy work during the rest of the half term.




In Literacy, we have been learning about different types of texts, including descriptions, poems and stories. We wrote our own description of a rainforest animal, after we had researched our animal using non-fiction books and by looking them up online. Later in the half term we wrote wonderful poems which included similes, alliteration, onomatopoeia and adjectives. Finally, we wrote a story in which a rainforest animal travelled through the rainforest, meeting many wonderful creatures along the way.

​  ​Maths

In maths lessons we have been learning about fractions, including halves, quarters and thirds. The children learnt to use practical resources to share objects equally into fractions, and later learnt how to solve fractions problems using written methods.


We have also been learning how to tell the time to the nearest hour, half hour, or quarter hour. Maybe you could ask your child to tell you what time it is. ​


In science we have been learning about the names and properties of different materials. The children conducted 3 different experiments based on learning about the properties of materials. We found out which material is the most flexible for wrapping around a present. We considered elasticity when trying to push objects into an explorers bag, then pull them out again in the same shape. Finally, we discovered which materials were waterproof when we tried to keep an explorer dry in the rainforest! How many materials can you find in your home?


In RE we have been learning about the Christian God and Hindu Gods. The children considered what God might look like, what God might do, and what their own relatives and friends do. They wrote a job description for God and also considered the many roles of some of the Hindu Gods.


Our Geography topic this half term has been all about Rainforests. The children learnt about the four layers of the rainforest:

  • Emergent (the trees that appear above the other treetops)

  • Canopy (The treetops of most of the trees)

  • Understory (the dark area between the treetops and the ground)

  • Forest Floor – The ground in the rainforest

They also learnt about the equator and why all of the rainforests are so warm, and thought about the different kinds of animals that live there. The children considered what people who live near the rainforest might do during the day, and how it may differ to their own experiences. Finally, the children wrote or typed a leaflet about deforestations – look out for it in your children’s book bags!


This half term the children learnt about algorithms and how to make a computer or robot follow your instructions. They began by giving each other clear and concise instructions and considering the difference between what a computer understands and what humans understand. Later in the half term, the children were very excited to make their own lion robots using Lego We-Do, and to make the lions move and roar by creating their own algorithms on the computer!




In music, the children began to discover how music could be written down. They created their own music and rhythms to represent different rainforest creatures.


In PSHE the children have been learning about one of our Community Core Values – Individuality – with Individual Izzy. Each Class performed in a class assembly about differences and being yourself.

We also learnt about different intensities of feelings (for example, the different between cross and furious). The children considered times that they had experiences different feelings, and how they could alter their mood.


In Art Lessons, we planned and made clay tiles of the rainforest using clay and cutting tools. We then painted our tiles using bright, tropical colours!