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Down on the Farm

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Week beginning 22nd January

This week year one have visited Tesco as part of our topic to complete the 'Farm to Fork' trail. This was valuable learning for the chidlren about were food comes from and the children enjoyed exploring the fruits and vegetables, fish, cheese and frozen foods areas of Tesco. They were able to sample 5 different cheeses and taste a selection of fruit. They had so much fun!


16th January 2018

This week year one had a very exciting morning as part of our 'Down on the Farm' topic. Each class tasted British foods that comes from farms, some of the foods they tasted included watercress, British apples and tomato chutney. The children were so excited to be trying some new foods.


They drew and painted farm animals. What amazing artists we have!


The final activity was learning a dance to 'Old McDonald had a farm'.

Even the grown ups had fun!

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