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Our Trip to Birdworld

This week on the 5th of June the children in Reception went to Bird World. They had a fantastic time and it reinforced their learning a little bit as they have been looking at pets and life cycles and how to care for animals.


First they loved going on a coach it was such an adventure. Once they got there they explored the underwater world where they found fish, turtles, alligators and jelly fish.

 They looked around the bird enclosures as well as waiting to see the penguins being fed.

After that they visited Jenny Wren Farm where they saw chickens, goats, sheep, turkeys, they saw guinea pigs as well as reindeer and the biggest pig they had ever seen.

Then it was lunch time which is always so exciting, after which some of them played in the park.

Then we had to race back up to the discovery centre to find out about some of the creatures that live at Bird World. Noddy the Blue and Yellow Macaw, he was hilarious and he chatted away as well as showing off his tricks. The children were enthralled by him. They saw a snake too and they touched his skin, he felt smooth and silky they said.

After that the children had a little play in the park and then as they walked back towards the exit they had a last look at all of their favourite things including sneaking through the dinosaur world.

Finally they were back on the coach and as they were all so tired from the busy day; it was a very quiet journey back to school!

What a fantastic day we had.

Thankyou Bird World