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Autumn 1 - Settling In

Please read on to find out what Reception have been doing this half term...

Take a look at what the EYFS has been up to this half term

It has been an extremely busy first half term in The Early Years and the Prime area of Personal, Social and Emotional development has helped us to settle in. We started by learning ‘All about me.’ This really supported us to learn about our rules and routines at Talavera infant school. We have also been using the Characteristics of effective learning to make sure that we are confident to try and have a go at all the challenges that we have come across. We have also learned about ‘Elmer the Elephant.’ Elmer was special and unique and we know that we are too.

In Communication and Language we have been improving our listening and speaking skills. We have formed sentences using interesting words and we have listened to instructions. We have also been taking turns at being Learning Detectives, this has been lots of fun. Every day two children check out the learning and tasks that they see going on in the Early Years. At the end of the day they feed back to the rest of the class about the learning they have seen. The children ask questions and the Learning Detectives answer. It has helped us to use more interesting words in our sentences.  


We have been working hard with our Physical Development. It has been lots of fun and very challenging. We have built a variety of objects using big blocks which we have climbed, jumped and balanced on. We have skipped, used hoops, poured water, dug with sand and mud. In our PE lessons we have travelled in a variety of ways getting used to the space around us.  We have also been making marks, cutting, sticking and attaching resources together using small tools. This has helped us to get better at forming the letters in our names. We have done so much making and doing with our pirate topic that our fingers, wrists, and arms are getting stronger all the time.



In Literacy we have enjoyed singing nursery rhymes. We have also listened to lots of stories and shared stories with friends in quiet spaces. We have started to learn our sounds using the Read Write Inc programme to help us. We have learned 10 sounds so far and are beginning to blend simple words. We have also been given reading books which we take home and share with our families. We also read with the adults in the class. Just before the end of the term we learned ‘The Little Red Hen’ story. We learned Pie Corbett story actions and performed the story for our parents when they came to ‘Stay and Play.’ It was brilliant! We have been practising our writing and mark making and have been given lots of challenges to help us to form our letters more carefully. We have loved rising to every challenge that has been set.

In Mathematics we have counted, ordered and recognised numbers up to and beyond 5. We have used The ‘Ten Town’ number programme. Every number has a story, song and lots of activities attached to it and every week we have concentrated on one number. We have used all the mathematical resources in our play which helps us to learn more about what numbers are and what they mean. We have been finding shapes in our environment and using them when constructing and building. We can name lots of 2D shapes. We have also been using small world resources following instructions.


We have explored and investigated our environment. We have played with sand and water. We have also been planting in the garden where we found lots of mini beasts. We made sure that we took care of them. We have also been Autumn Detectives and searched the school for signs of autumn, we found lots of clues and realised that the summer has gone.


We have been really imaginative in our play and also when making lots of different resources.  Our role play areas have changed a lot depending on our interests. We have had home corner. A shop, and ice-cream parlour, we have had a doctor’s surgery as well as a hospital. We have also been playing schools inside our classes which has been lots of fun. Last week we had a puppet theatre to retell the story of The Little Red Hen.  Every time the role plays have changed they have been our ideas. That is what has made it so much fun. We cannot wait for the next half term, we love having challenges and learning lots of new things.